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Infobyte on Flouride

Curious about the role of flouride in dentistry? Read on...

Benefits of in-office fluoride treatment?

Fluoride is a natural compound found in soil, water and a few foods. It’s also produced in various chemical-manufacturing processes.

The following things are considered when deciding which patients would benefit from in office fluoride treatments:

The main use of fluoride in the past has been to protect teeth during development and erupting but research has now shown the fluoride help protect erupted teeth. The evidence has shown that professional topical fluoride applications provide an additional benefit for adult patients with moderate to high caries risk. These professional fluoride treatments are applied as a gel, varnish or foam and are a higher strength than over-the-counter mouth rinses.

We use X-Pur 5% Neutral sodium Fluoride varnish along with Oral B Minute-Foam(Acidulated Phospate Fluoride) and Denti-Rinse 2% Neutral Sodium Fluoride Oral Rinse.